Friday, November 7, 2014

Remembering the Veterans Year Round


The election is finally over, the future course for America may have been changed and the various news organizations and “talking heads” are dissecting, praising or making excuses for the victories or defeats of the various political races.

With all the chatter, it seems strange that there is little to no mention of how these races will affect the forgotten men and women who sacrificed to make these elections possible, THE VETERANS.

Americans are celebrating Veterans Day (Remembrance) with various sales, a day off from work, maybe a parade or two, some small gatherings or just resting.

Most people will not really be thinking about or asking what they can REALLY do to honor and celebrate those fine men and women, who stood up when the American people called to protect the Freedoms that many sheeple have taken for granted.

As a Veteran may I suggest a few ways for people to truly honor the American Veteran.

To me one of the most important ways to honor and remember the Veteran is to remind those in Congress, the talking heads, celebrities (be fore warned some do not like to be called out) and others that just because Congress passed and POTUS signed “The Veterans Access,Choice and Accountability Act of 2014” that now all is “well” with the VA. IT ISN'T! 

So, what can YOU do?

Start by continuing to remind those who “voiced” outrage about the pi$ poor treatment that the Veterans have / have not received, then disappeared from the public eye. They got their publicity or whatever they were seeking but nothing has changed. The plight of the Veteran continues.

To do this, do what every warrior does, use every “weapon” available to you.

“Weapons” like twitter, snail mail, email, telephones whatever YOU can, its up to You.

Another way to honor the Veterans year round, not just on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month and it will mean a little sacrifice on your part. YES, a sacrifice.

This sacrifice will require some time and maybe foregoing that extra cup of custom coffee or that extra donut.

As far as time, search the Net for the phone number of the nearest VA in your area then pick up the phone and call the VA hospital and ask, “What 'health and comfort' items are needed for inpatient Veterans?” For those not familiar with “health and comfort” items, these are the things most Americans take for granted, things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

Remember, a number of veterans admitted to the VA hospitals come in on weekends,completely unprepared and may not have someone to bring them these items,

"Those healthcare professionals who REALLY give a damn, have to hustle in the attempt to find those needed “health and comfort” items elsewhere in the hospital"

You may also ask them what other items might be needed to may help make the Veterans' stay in the hospital a little more pleasant. Items such as books, playing cards, etc.

As you can guess by now, the sacrifice of time and money are linked.

You are now armed with a “list” of needed items from your phone call to the VA and the money you save by foregoing that extra cup of coffee or donut; its time to “attack”.

On your next trip to the local Wally World (just as an example) wander back to the pharmacy section and look. You will find shelves of various travel sized “health and comfort” items, most cost about $0.97 plus tax.

You can also find other inexpensive items throughout the pharmacy area, use your judgment. Spend what you can afford. Remember every little bit helps.

You can figure out whether you want to take these items to the VA on a weekly or a monthly basis. OR if taking a trip to the VA hospital is not convenient, call the VA and ask them about mailing these items. REMEMBER to get the mailing address. 

Another way to help and remember the Veterans and I'm borrowing this from Jason F. Wright and his Christmas jar project. But instead of a Christmas jar, why not a Veteran's jar?

Mr. Wright's original idea was to have a jar, you may already have one, that you throw your change in at the end of the day. Then quietly and anonymously leave the jar on a needy family's doorstep during the Christmas season. Don't worry if there isn't a large sum of money in the jar, when a family is “hurting”, every little bit helps.

Let's just modify this a little bit. Instead waiting till the Christmas season, find a Veteran in your neighborhood that may be struggling and 
anonymously leave it for him or her on Veterans Day.

If you don't know of a Veteran who is struggling, donate it to one of the many Veteran's organizations.

Or you can use it to buy the needed items for those in the VA hospitals. IF you really care, want to help and honor the Veterans you can figure out what to do with the Veterans Jar.

So, as you leave the house this Veterans' Day to go and shop those Veterans' Day sales ask yourself, “Is this really the way to remember and honor those men and women who sacrificed for my freedom? Is there something more I can do?”

Semper Fi!

Once again, I must thank Igor for his proof reading and editing.

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